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In this course, we will emphasize how adolescence being a critical period in the biological and psychological development in the life course. We will describe how adolescents are influenced with a few social settings, including school, family, peers and other social environment. We will cover a few deviant behaviors, such as substance use and abuse, with focus on cigarette smoking and alcohol use, and school-based intervention. Other issues related to adolescents will also be discussed: juvenile criminal behavior, obesity, mental health and suicidal ideation. We will introduce a few cross-sectional and longitudinal data in Taiwan that can be publicly accessed and utilized.

Course Goal
A. To train public health professionals in order for having passion and expertise on public health theory and practice
B. To set up the academic and research society, and to create and disseminate the new knowledge on public health
C. To actively participate in national health issues, and promote sound public health system
Course Principle Literacy and Competence
[Principle Literacy]
  • Humanity accomplishment
  • To form a team with a mind of respecting lives and serving societies
  • Social concern
  • With a spirit of social participation, care for socially deprived, and with a sense of social inequity and care
  • International perspectives
  • With a vision of global health involving local insight and international perspective
  • Ability of thinking and judgment
  • With capability of using multi-discipline vision in examining the public health issues and the process of decision making
  • Good communication skills
  • With capability of applying public health professional knowledge to disease prevention and health care practical work
    Courses of Recent Years
    Course Name
    (The name will link to the syllabus.)
    Credit Taught in English
    (Yes or No)
    0106/2 T880500 [PH7386]INTRODUCTION TO ADOLESCENT HEALTH 2.0 Y Strong, Carol
    0105/2 T880500 [PH7386]INTRODUCTION TO ADOLESCENT HEALTH 2.0 N Strong, Carol
    0102/2 T880500 [PH7386]INTRODUCTION TO ADOLESCENT HEALTH 2.0 N Strong, Carol

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